Our emotional journey through change

Here's some information about how, as individuals we move through a change process! This process puts the "I" into change. most change models operate at an organisational level and almost always ignorethe individual apart from as a cog in a bigger process. This model reverses that trend and puts the person firmly at the heart of any change.


This model first, formally, saw the light of day in :- Fisher J M, 2000, Creating the Future?, in Scheer J W (ed), The Person in Society: Challenges to a Constructivist Theory, Geissen, Psychosozial-Verlag, ISBN 3898060152 and was in a paper I gave at the 1999 International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology held in Berlin (a lovely place). 

I've also just added something about "Anger" to the model.



 For a description of the stages see my page later on the "Tools and Techniques" tab

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These are some words that help you understand the curve and its implications Click here to download this file

Thanks to Marcelo Rivadeneira this has also been translated into Spanish - to get a copy of Marcelo's translation click here -Click here to download this file

I would also like to express my thanks to Kerstin Berglund for this translation of my curve into Swedish! Click here to download. Click here to download this file

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