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About C2D

C2D Logo picC2D’s basic development philosophy is underpinned by tried and trusted psychological methods and advanced involvement/engagement tools and techniques combined with a partnership approach whereby all the courses are tailored to suit your needs and focused on your specific goals.

This focus extends to the actual development session itself, where we ensure that we explore and understand all the participants own experiences, and we encourage the involvement of, and engagement by, participants in exploring the subject area, sharing their knowledge, identifying and exploring possible solutions and finally action planning deployment back in the business.

C2D’s approach to course delivery is to use an active, engagement, experiential, solutions focused perspective from a background of Constructivist/NLP theory this means we actively involve the participants throughout the sessions and focus on their own goals thus allowing for greater flexibility and ensuring the learning is accessible by all.

This approach allows a great deal of operating freedom for the attendees and helps the facilitator to focus on attendees’ specific existing knowledge and personal requirements. C2D strongly believe that it is essential that all participants should own their own personal and continual professional development, be fully engaged, and continuously involved, in the entire development cycle.

To enable this, the facilitation is highly interactive, based on participants own experience and involves group discussion and activities and facilitated discussion to elicit key points. This is to allow participants to gain working experience of presenting, and get constructive feedback, in a safe environment.

Attendees will also be required to self-analyse their skills, attitudes and behaviours either by the completion of relevant questionnaires or as part of structured, facilitated, group exercises.

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In terms of the learning styles to be adopted, the course will be based upon Experiential learning; whereby the facilitation is highly interactive, and involves group activities and facilitated discussion to elicit key points and develop relevant and pertinent action plans.

C2D is headed up by a chartered psychologist, who is a Principle member of the Association of Business Psychologists and a member of the Coaching Psychologist section of the British Psychological Society as well as being a trained counsellor and qualified NLP Business Practitioner.

He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) and was a business mentor for Enterprise 4 All in Blackburn.

C2D have delivered both group and individual development interventions with 15 plus years of a wide range of experience in blue chip companies in a variety of commercial and not for profit industries (e.g. BAe Systems, Balfour Beatty Utility Services, Rolls Royce, Blackpool council and Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council’s and British Bakeries).

C2D has also been involved in the design, deployment, analysis and feedback of 360Õquestionnaires (e.g. with BAe Systems, BBUS, Training 2000), Emotional Intelligence and Personality profiles (e.g. Lumina Spark, MBTI (and Golden), OPQ, EI, Strengthscope, Talent Dynamics Flow) as well as leader assessment and development centres.


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