Leading Bold Change

Is an interactive workshop experience that teaches leaders at all levels how to drive change through the practical application of John Kotter’s PROVEN PRINCIPLES for effective change. The experience connects the heart of those who must embrace and lead change today with the mindset necessary to ensure future success.

John Kotter identified the eight mistakes that organisations make when trying to implement change in a Harvard Business review article in 1995. In his subsequent book “Leading Change” Kotter expanded on his HBR article and showed how 70% of all change initiatives fail. He then identified the 8 key steps organisations need to take to make change successful.

Start making your change effective …
… before your iceberg starts to melt!



Published in 2006, Our Iceberg is Melting takes the principles established in Leading Change and uses a fable about pre-sentient penguins having to adapt to environmental conditions to survive as the basis of a training workshop to effectively demonstrate the successful application of those principles.


The 8 Step Process

  • Create a sense of urgency
    Help others see the need for change …
  • Pull together the guiding team
    A powerful group to guide the change …
  • Develop the change vision and strategy
    Clarify how the future will be different …
  • Communicate for understanding and buy-in
    As many as possible accept the vision …
  • Empower others to act
    Remove barriers …
  • Produce short-term wins
    Create visible, unambiguous successes …
  • Don’t let up
    Press harder and faster after first successes …
  • Create a new culture
    Hold on to the new ways of behaving …



The Leading Bold Change Program began in a management training class at Becton Dickinson developed by Holger Rathgeber wherein he used concepts from former

Harvard Professor John Kotter’s book on leadership and change, Leading Change, widely viewed as the seminal work on the subject. Holger contacted John to share his ideas about using penguin characters in training to represent the types of people and situations you run into in any change initiative. John liked Holger’s ideas and the two decided to write a book.

Program Development

For decades Professor Kotter refused to create any training courses because he had “seen too much training that makes too little difference.” To create a training program that was worthy of representing his ideas, John was adamant that it not be created in isolation. He insisted it be driven by customer demand and tested to ensure it actually helps people and organisations take their change efforts closer to reality. In addition

to Becton Dickinson, another Fortune 500 company with global operations (Black and Decker) was brought in to help develop and test the program concepts. Black and Decker tested the program at the executive level with 130 members of its Global Operations Team, and internationally with audiences that included management, first line supervisors, and front line employees. It was further tested with sales and marketing groups, in the factory and with corporate administrative groups.


The Penguin Experience …

  • Builds organizational capacity for successfully embracing change in an increasingly uncertain world.
  • Gives people, at all levels, the critical leadership skills needed to help their organizations win – by identifying and doing what needs to be done.
  • Accelerates specific change objectives in any major organizational initiative such as area (i.e., innovation, strategy implementation, service improvement, process re-engineering, culture development, etc.)
  • Brings to life the world-renowned principles examined in John Kotter’s seminal book Leading Change as well as the award winning creativity of current international bestseller Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions.


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