Dialogical Self & the First Line Leader Perception

I presented this paper on my use of the Dialogical Self “I positions” at the 2012 EPCA conference in Dublin

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I revised the above paper and presented it at the 2014 Dialogical Self conference in the Hague

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An introduction to Personal Construct Theory

This is an introduction to Personal Construct Theory.

Fisher J M and Savage D J, 1999, An introduction to PCP, in Fisher J M and Savage D J (eds), 1999, Beyond experimentation into meaning, Lostock Hall, EPCA Publications, ISBN 0953019829

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Exploring the impact of an 8 day first line Leadership Development programme using Time Self Grids

This is a paper I presented at the 2014 EPCA conference in Brno looking at how first line managers saw themselves before and after an 8 day leadership course.

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Cultural Diversity: An Exercise in Elaboration

This paper looks at a team building event I ran between a group from BAe Systems and their US customer interface team.

Fisher J M, 2001, Cultural diversity: an exercise in elaboration, in Human Resource Development International vol 4:2 (2001), pp. 263 274, Taylor & Francis

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Change Happens… To People

This paper looks at the Past, Present and Future with regards to change management and introduces the Timeline model.

Fisher J M, (2005), A Time for change, Human Resource Development International Vol 8 No. 2, (2005) pp257 – 263, Taylor & Francis

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Creating the Future?

Fisher J M, 2000, Creating the Future?, in Scheer J W (ed), The Person in Society: Challenges to a Constructivist Theory, Geissen, Psychosozial-Verlag, ISBN 3898060152

This was the paper I first introduced the Process of Transition model of change.

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Fraggle Rock: A Study in Isolationism

Fisher J M, 2003a, Fraggle rock: a study in isolationism, in Psychological Constructivism and the Social World, G. Chiari, M. L. Nuzzo (Ed.) 2003, Milano: Angeli, ISBN 884644812

This paper looked at how PCT was caught on the horns of a dilemma in that it was proud of its small, close knit “family” feel yet wanted to be more widely known and recognised. I attended many conferences where people stood up over the years and said we must expand without realising they part of the problem not the solution and their activities were helping keep PCT, the best model of the person , in the darkness!

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Organisational Study: What Makes a Good, Safe Gang?

Fisher J M, (2009) An investigation using the rep grid into how road gangs see safety

This paper explores a repertory grid assessment I made looking at why road gangs have service strikes (i.e. hit other gas/water/fibre optic/electricity cables).

This paper was presented at the 19th International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology held in Boston Massachusetts on the 19th to the 22nd July 2011.

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Tattoo in haste; repent at Leisure.

I gave this a paper at the XIVth European Personal Construct Association conference held in Edinburgh in July 2018. The paper has been published in the internet journal Personal Construct Theory and Practice, Vol 16 (2019).

It explores why people got a tattoo and how they, and the people they interacted with, perceived the tattoo over time using Harry Procter’s Time Event Grid.

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