Building Blocks

What is coaching?

Coaching is a forward looking, 2 way process specifically aimed at helping you improve, and make the most out of, yourself, your skills and attributes.

In reality what this means is that I’ll listen to you and help guide you to getting what you want! By using a combination of questioning, listening, feedback, goal setting and motivation I can help you identify where you want to be in the future, define how you are going to get there and help you make the right steps to move towards achieving your specific life goals or resolve any current issues you may have. It is about helping you change you and achieve your potential.

Using a variety of tools and techniques we will support, feedback and help you identify your current situation, explore your options and put in place action plans to improve your skills, knowledge and competencies.

Coachee’s will self-analyse their skills, attitudes and behaviours either by the completion of relevant questionnaires or as part of structured questioning. This will help people to gain a workable plan of action that is achievable, realistic and relevant whilst getting constructive feedback in a safe environment.


What will I get out of coaching?

  • A greater feeling of confidence in your own abilities
  • Improved capability
  • More motivation
  • A clearer direction and meaning in your life
  • Improved relationships
  • A more focused approach to life More ownership of your future
  • An increase in your personal autonomy and More control over your future


What I can offer:

Life, career and business coaching, Psychometric testing trained in the use of “POWER” – a health and wellness tool.