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Recommended Sites

Below are some of the professional sites/people who I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with and would recommend

Lumina Learning (my favourite profiling tool)

Pixelsure (web and graphic design)

A super site for all things Emotional Intelligent and Neuro … thinking

and here’s a link to Robin’s excellent, and world renown, courses

If you want some “creative thinking” training or thinking then Mark’s your man!

Niel Cope – if you want HR advice that is good and sound then :-

The International Society for Coaching Psychology – for more information on coaching psychology

The Association for Business Psychology – The home and voice for business psychology

Go Paperless: where I got my e-business card. If you like mine then get in touch (it is worth it).

Rehab Recovery
I started my counselling career some 30(+) years ago as a volunteer on a couple of specialist drug and alcohol addiction support services and recently came across this website that might offer specialist support that suits your needs in a more up to date way – try (please note I have no connection with this service at all)

Business / Management Orientated

Business Balls – This is the best business site on the web in my humble opinion!

Management methods, models and theories

The Chartered Management Institute – I was an accredited centre able to deliver some of their leadership and management training qualifications

Personal Construct Theory

Personal Construct Psychology Association (PCPA)

PCP net

Mary Frances’ web pages (including her interview with yours truly!

Coventry Constructivist Centre Web Site (been on some good courses here).

Heather Moran’s web site

Other, more personal sites that appeal

Keighley Cougars (go on you know you want to!)

God’s Country – what more can I say!

Banks Chambered Tomb (Tomb of the otters)

Went to Orkney and found this recent tomb that’s only been discovered in the last couple of years and deserves more exposure as it could be the find of the century! There’s a lot of bones still in situ, markings on some of the slabs and most bizarrely Otter dropping throughout the sites and over a large number of years as it is found in many layers of the soil! Rather strangely it’s entrance is not the usual East/West rather from the North – I wonder why.

The Megalithic Portal – A link to Andy Burnham’s site for all things standing stones, stone circles, etc. and whose excellent book – “The Stone Portal” is a must have.

Gift Boxes – Treat yourself to a luxury from Neal’s Yard (NYD) supplied by a friend of mine Kasia (used her gift boxes a few times for friends and they love them and yes I am biased but …)