Myers-Briggs Profiling Tool

Myers Briggs

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is, arguably, the most popular personality profiling tool. It looks at how we “prefer” to interact with our environment and the impact and implications of our action on ourselves, others and their impact on us. The underlying theory is that if we understand ourselves and others then we can use our preferences and skills to interact more effectively as both a team member and as an individual
The profile looks at four different aspects of how our preference for interacting is reflected in our personality.
These four elements cover :-

  1. How we prefer to gather and focus our energy (Extravert – Introvert)
  2. How we prefer to take in information and perceive the world around us (Sensing – iNtuitive)
  3. How we prefer to make decisions and come to conclusions (Thinking – Feeling)
  4. How we prefer to organise our lives and deal with the world around us (Judging – Perceiving)

Each of these four elements are shown on a bi-polar scale showing the strength of the preference and, hence, the likelihood of the person displaying those traits and the amount of flexibility in their behaviour.
Individuals complete a questionnaire (either on line or paper based) from which their profile is derived. Then through feedback and discussion the implications of their style is brought to life and discussed.

Insights – This is a specialised variation of the MBTI framework and can be run as an individual coaching/feedback session or with a natural workteam in your organisation as part of a Team Development workshop.  For more information please contact me and we can arrange a session to suit your needs.

Golden is an MBTI type two profiling tool that takes each of the four top level elements and looks at some of the underlying drivers that make up our profile. The strength of the Golden Type Profiler is that it helps make sense of the deeper implications, and helps explain some of the possible contradictions of the surface level “Type”.

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What you get:

You will get a 60 minute feedback session covering the four key areas of how you prefer to gather and focus your energy (Extravert – Introvert), How you prefer to take in information and perceive the world around you (Sensing – iNtuitive), How you prefer to make decisions and come to conclusions (Thinking – Feeling) and finally How we prefer to organise your life and deal with the world around you (Judging – Perceiving).  You will then explore how it relates to your world and how you can use the information to grow more effective in relationships.


MBTI Profile Report

How it works:

Please contact us quoting MBTI. We will then arrange to have a questionnaire posted to you which you then complete and and return to us. Once completed you will be contacted to arrange time for the feedback session, in which you will receive your report and personalised insights based on your profile.



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