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Our Approach

We strongly believe that it is essential that everyone should own their own personal and continual professional development, be fully engaged, and continuously involved, in the entire development cycle.

We use an active, engagement, experiential, solutions focused perspective from a background of Constructivist/NLP theory. This means that, in a very real sense, we actively involve the participants throughout and encourage them to focus on their own goals thus allowing for greater flexibility and ensuring the learning is internalised and owned by the individual.

This approach allows a great deal of operating freedom for the attendees and helps the facilitator to build on attendees’ specific existing knowledge and personal requirements. To enable this, the facilitation is highly interactive, based on participants own experience and involves group discussion and activities and facilitated discussion to elicit key points. Find out more about our services by visiting the sections below.

Building Blocks


Coaching is about helping you improve your personal and professional/business performance in your current role and prepare you for your next role or help you in a career transition.

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Counselling is about helping individual’s overcome past problems, issues and fears by allowing them to talk about their feelings, emotions, problems, etc. in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and empathic way without giving advice or telling them what to do.

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Development Discussion


In the broadest sense Development “does what it says on the tin”! We can help individuals, teams and organisations improve their non-technical skills to meet the demands of the workplace in a structured, focused way.

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Lumina Spark Profile product

Personality Profiling

Who am I?, the perennial question, what impact do you have on other people (and vice versa) and why?  These tools can give you the answers to these questions.  We can help you develop your awareness of who you are and how you can improve your working relationships

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C2D Courses

Training Courses

Give your people the non-technical skills they need to deliver increased performance for you!  This is a sample of the types of “off the shelf” training courses we can deliver.  We cover both personal development as well as a wide range of leadership and management development courses.  We can also design courses to suit your needs and your company values.

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Sinnarji Training

Sinnarji is an essential business investment which pays back substantial returns in reduced administrative costs, improving organisational efficiency, expanded businesses objectives and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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