John provided employability training to a number of candidates on our pilot digital bootcamp, DEEPer. Not only has John delivered added value to our candidates by delivering the brief, but he has gone above and beyond to be flexible, change delivery where needed and work with the team to get the best outcome for all candidates. John’s training style is no-nonsense yet approachable and friendly, which as a result engages each and every candidate and produces real, tangible outcomes.

Gaby Aspinall

Sessions with John are challenging; in a brilliant way! He asks thought-provoking, sometimes uncomfortable questions, that really allow you to grow and step out of your comfort zone. He leaves you with the tools you need to move forward, take control of difficult situations and see things from an alternative perspective.

Coaching client

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us, I really enjoyed the course and took away great ideas to use. Sending us all these valuable information shows how much you care about our personal development, I really appreciate that. You are now part of my network!

A N Other

“John was a great trainer and I know myself and the team were very pleased with the training we received. He made us feel like we had a safe environment to open up in and we could be ourselves. I liked the way that John made jokes throughout the day as this made us feel at ease and we understood that any questions we may have could be answered even if we thought they were ‘silly’ John is the best trainer I have ever received training off and I look forward to him providing us training in future.”

Project Management, HSBC

“Thoroughly enjoyed this powerful course which makes you think along avenues you have possibly never been before” (Compassionate Leadership workshop)

P. Teillet, GAP UK

“Some really good stuff in there!  I certainly got some good points from it not only to be used in counselling but also interview technique as well.  All that was covered is relevant to what I do every day and also with the new recruitment process starting now I got some good points to help with the recruitment interviews. Many thanks for an interesting session. ”

Alan Emerton, Fort Vale

“John Fisher is one of the most creative and innovative coaches I have ever met. With the most respectful and sincere approach to helping you achieve the best outcome.”

Kelly Ann-Joyce

“We tested it today John and it works wonders – providing people with the framework of change and overlaying their values and needs through our True Colors tool provides people with coping mechanisms to manage the transition and stay in their own power and strength.”

Ian Waddington

“I really like how John’s transition curve illustrates the range of emotions/reactions that can occur when someone is working through change, as well as the timeline being unique depending on the person and the change involved …  I think it is helpful in terms of stopping to reflect [on] not only where you are with a change, but where others are as well in order to attune to what they are experiencing and to help as possible.”

Jeffrey Atwater, Excelitas Technologies Corp

“I am very happy to have this training. I personally will recommend this course to my colleagues. I am very thankful to Mr John Fisher for helping us to understand more deeply the meaning of Leadership. I learnt a lot in 8 days. I will remember this my whole life. Keep it up John! Keep smiling! Well done!”

Sue Knowles

“I have used John’s services in 2014. I immediately found John to have a relaxing influence allowing the free flow of information and dialogue. The professional manner and recourse used by John is creative and engaging. Follow up feedback and reporting gave the critical information to make future decision for any business.”

K. Singh

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, it was genuinely one of the most insightful and thought-provoking days I’ve had. I have learned about listening, empathy, teamwork, communication and many more skills that I can apply in many areas of my life, both professional and on a personal level.

You made the discovery day unforgettable yesterday, it honestly made my day. Thankyou.

Nelly Bilyachenko, Relationship Support Officer

Thank you for your time, comprehensive delivery and warm welcome last week. I have already fed back positive words to my team about how much I enjoyed your session.


Thank you very much for the session last week. Very well structured, with strong points and managed to cover all this material without us feeling that you were rushing! I also do appreciate the reading list provided, it was a pleasant surprise!


Many thanks for the really enlightening day on Thursday. I think it is very important to create the right impression when we first start with the organisation – and you did a fabulous job.


A quick share, took my major learning difficult conversation and put into practice yesterday after preparing for it – best coaching conversation ever – no issues great from both sides – way forward and all fully engaged – wow and big big thanks